July 12, 2012: Chief Civilian Support Staff & Connoisseur of Local Parks

With Callie working, I serve as her chief civilian support assistant.  Right now, that consists mostly of keeping the clothes washed and the dogs walked.  When we get situated in the 5th Wheel at our campsite, I’ll also be the chief cook.

[We had some mechanical problems with our brand new RV as we crossed the country that I elected to have repaired when we got to Portland, OR.  Specifically, the hydraulic solenoid that governs both the “in-and-out” of the 4 slides as well as the “up and down” of the front stabilizers (that allows me unhook from my truck) failed.  It’s under warranty, and the work should be done the middle of next week.]

So, in my support staff duties, the pups and I have been exploring the local parks.  In fact, we’ve become local park connoisseurs.  It’s good work, if you can get it 🙂

Here are a few photos I’ve taken along the way. Remember to click on any picture to see the full-sized version.

Ferns at Priest Point Park:


Our Chi-Weenie, Biscuit, at full attention:


Along the 1.5 mile trail loop at Watershed Park:


Here’s the funky/weird root system of a tree that displays an incredibly strong life force


Local wildflower:


Along a primeval path:


Spindly ferns – (“spindly” is my description; I don’t know the correct name of the fern):


And finally, an exquisite example of entropy’s role in the Circle of Life:


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