July 12, 2012: Interim Director of Washington State Courts

Callie’s first week at work is going well.  She describes it as “meetings upon meetings”, which is to be expected in the process of bringing her up to speed.

One of the things she’s been hired to do is to assist and offer her insight in the process of hiring a full-time Director of Courts.  The final decision of who to hire is decided by the entire bench of the Washington Supreme Court – all 9 justices.

The position has been advertised nationally, and they have already begun receiving applications, some of which Callie hopes to begin reviewing today.

When the decision is made, when the position is offered, and when the position is filled will, of course, directly affect our “length of stay” here.  The estimated long date when Callie was hired was December 31st, 2012, but it may end sooner.  Regardless of how long this lasts, it has been a real neat opportunity for Callie, as well as a wonderful excuse to visit the pacific northwest, escaping the sweltering humidity of Alabama.

Here are some photos of Callie in her “business mode.

Remember – you can click on any picture to see it full-size.

Callie at her office at the Temple of Justice:


Callie at her other office at the building that houses the Administrative Office of Courts:


Actually, the AOC is spread out in 4 different locations in the state: the Temple of Justice, the building you see here (below), another building in Seattle, and another place adjacent to the Seattle/Tacoma airport (where they hold meetings when people fly in).

Here’s the building that houses most of the Administrative Office of Courts; it’s located several blocks away from the Temple of Justice here in Olympia.


That’s Callie sitting on the rock seat in the front.  Callie asked why they had artsy rock seats out front; it turns out that Washington has a law that requires that no less than 1% of all new state building construction funds be dedicated to art.  You know you’re not in Alabama anymore, Dorothy…

Also note the silver Prius in the parking slot to the left.  It’s Callie’s state-issued car, in her very own parking spot.  There are so many Prius on the streets here that I’ve named it the “Official Car of the State of Washington”.

 And finally, here’s a picture of Callie outside the building seen above:
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One Response to July 12, 2012: Interim Director of Washington State Courts

  1. James Lawson says:

    That will be some mighty big shoes to fill 🙂

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