July 25, 2012: Deep Lake RV Resort – Heaven on Earth!

When we first began looking for an RV park near Olympia (before we left Alabama), we didn’t know that such spaces are in high demand in Washington during the summer.  In fact, the first several places I contacted either had “no room at the inn”, or could not accommodate a 40′ RV.

Going down the list, I eventually contacted Deep Lake RV Resort, about 10 minutes south of Olympia and adjacent to a state park.  Fortunately, they had a space available that suited our needs.  Deep Lake has only 22 spaces, is for long-term residence only (month-by month with no overnight stays), and is absolutely beautiful.

The older couple that are the proprietors have turned it into a modern-day Garden of Eden.  They employ a staff to keep the place pristine – much gardening going on all the time, and regular maintenance of the facilities – laundromat, showers, etc.  They have been very helpful to me as I have been climbing a rather steep learning curve in acquiring RV living skills.

This place is so pretty that I just had to share its beauty with the following photos.

First, a couple of shots of our RV site:


This is one of the paths  that leads to our site (notice partially obscured RV & truck in background):


Here are a few pictures of Deep Lake.

This shot is from the end of our site’s driveway:


Boats at lake:


Floating dock for swimming:


As I said, this place is really a garden.  Here are some photos that illustrate its beauty.  (Note the garden art throughout these photos that prove we’re not in Alabama anymore!)

Living on Easy Street:




Lavender in bloom:


Garden cherubs hidden in secluded spot:


Some sort of tiger lilly blooming out behind our RV:


Fuscia in bloom out behind our RV (These are some of Callie’s favorite flowers here):


And finally, in addition to my other house husbandly duties, I am learning the manly art of flower arranging:  These were all picked from the gardens (with permission)  here at Deep Lake.  I think that if Callie is sacrificing these months of her “retirement” by working 40 hours a week, she deserves to come home to fresh flowers every day 🙂



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3 Responses to July 25, 2012: Deep Lake RV Resort – Heaven on Earth!

  1. Rene' says:

    I love yall’s RV! how cool os that?! The two of you will probably never come back …LOL

  2. James Lawson says:

    Hey, these photo’s look photoshopped! They are way to pretty 🙂

    • dondietz says:

      Of course they are! I always edit and improve my photos whenever I can. But the over-all, underlying reality is legit. 🙂

      BTW, today’s morning low temp (53 degrees) and high temp (77 degrees) were NOT photoshopped.

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