September 2012: Labor Day Weekend, (Pt. 3)

Okay – here are the last pictures of our Labor Day weekend with Lindsay, Seth, and Crystal.

The first is a shot I took of Seth at Saturday Market on the waterfront in downtown Portland:



The other pictures are taken at the Columbia River Gorge.  We went out there to show Lindsay a couple of the waterfalls.  I posted some pics of these falls last July, when we first arrived in Oregon on the way to Washington, but I’ve been trying to master the technique of shooting waterfalls at shutter speeds that produce the smooth, silky effect – so these are better, I think. 

The first couple of pictures are at Horsetail Falls.



This is a nice family shot, on tripod with self-timer:



These next pictures were taken at Multnomah Falls, which is famously picturesque and easily accessed.  As a mater of fact, I’ve noticed a shot of Multnomah Falls in an Infinity commercial that’s playing on TV these days – a couple ponders taking a cruise for a vacation, but envisions an old man in a Speedo walking past them on the deck of a cruise ship.  It then cuts to them tearing up the road in their Infinity in the Columbia River Gorge.  One of the shots shows them driving by Multnomah  Anyway…

This first one is a shot of the entire falls.  For scale, note the bridge.



Here’s a closer shot of the bridge…



And just waterfall:



A shot of Seth & Crystal at Vista View House..



And an interior shot of the dome of Vista View House:



The last is a random shot of a grave in Portland’s pioneer cemetery of a tombstone that a tree has enveloped over time.



Well, that’s about all for now.  We’re having a down weekend this weekend, and not traveling far.  Tomorrow (September 9th) is our 18th wedding anniversary, and if it’s not raining (some is predicted to break an almost record 44-day dry spell) we may drive up to Puyallup to the Washington State Fair.

And we’re thinking of an excursion up to the San Juan Islands the following weekend, so stay tuned.  Honey in the Heart!

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