October 19, 2012 – Our New Home-To-Be

Most of you have received an email from me that broke the news that Callie was offered and accepted the full-time position of Administrator of the Washington State Courts.  It’s not often that a person gets the opportunity to run two different state court systems in one’s career, especially at opposite ends of the country.

So, we have committed to moving to Olympia, have located a home to buy, and made an offer that was accepted.  We anticipate closing on it on November 16th (coincidentally, the day after Callie’s birthday).

Part of the reason we decided to stay (beyond the fact that Washington is beautiful beyond description) is that it affords us an opportunity to have Lindsay and our two grandsons (Aiden and Isaac) to get out of Alabama and live in a place with good public schools.

So the home we are purchasing is considerably bigger than the one we own in Alabama – over 2500 sq. ft. – with 4 bedrooms and an upstairs with 2 bedrooms, a full bath and a huge bonus room over the 3-car garage for Lindsay and the boys.  The master bedroom has a huge bathroom (and is not located under the 2nd story – no thumping and bumping, thank you) and there is a guest bedroom downstairs with a full bath.   There is also a paved pad where I’ll be able to park the RV.

It’s located outside the city limits of Olympia in Thurston County on the west side, out in the country but only 8 minutes from a supermarket and 15 minutes from Callie’s office.  The subdivision backs up to McLane Creek nature preserve, which is huge.  That means we’ll never have anybody build a home behind ours.

S0 – cross your fingers for us – but we see no reason why this sale should not go through as planned.

Here are some pictures I took yesterday during the required home inspection:

A shot of the house from the street:


A longer shot, from down the street:


This is taken from the woods behind the house…


Interior entry way…


Living room and off-kitchen dinette area, from top of the stairs.  The guy on the left is our realtor, and on the right is the current owner.


This room in the front is being used as an office, but was made to be the dining room…


Front hallway to guest bedroom and bath, with stairs on left…


Upstairs bonus room over garage…


The lens of the camera wasn’t wide enough to get good pictures of the bedrooms, but you get the idea…

Honey in the Heart!

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