Apples, Elk, Suncadia, and Snoqualmie Falls

A few days before the judges conference in Suncadia, she had to go over to the eastern side of the Cascades to speak to some governmental salary committee in Wenatchee, Washington.  (As an aside, Washington loves its committees – they have committees for committees for committees.  I call Washington “the consensus state”.)

As always, I am happy to serve as her chauffeur, as in “Driving Miss Callie” (though she doesn’t sit in  the back seat!)  But she often goes over her presentations while I drive.

The eastern Cascade foothills are also hands-down the apple-growing center of America.  We drove through literally miles and miles of apple orchards in full bloom.  Regrettably, we were kind of under the gun for time both coming and going, and I didn’t take the time to pull out my camera.

So when we went back a few days later (to Suncadia and the judge’s conference),  I drove back over Blewett Pass (no kidding!  they really blew it!) toward Leavenworth and Wenatchee to get the pictures I didn’t take the first time through.

Well, you can guess the rest of the story.  In four short days, the blooms had made it well past their peak – a lot more leaves and a lot less flowering.  The groves were lovely, none-the-less.

Here are some of the shots I took:




On the return trip through Blewett Pass, down near Cle Elum, I came across a small group of doe elk sitting by the side of the road.  They were kind enough to allow me to take their picture out the driver’s side window of my truck.  The lighting wasn’t the greatest, but “you get the picture”…

2 Elk


Oops!  I hit the “publish” button prematurely and accidentally uploaded before I had finished this post.  Apologies for burdening you with the subsequent notification.

And now, back to my task.

As I said, we stayed at a resort lodge called Suncadia.  I took these shots there…

Lodge Great Room…

Suncadia Lodge


Room with a view…

Room with a View


I don’t know why these last pictures are appearing so much smaller…you may try double-clicking on them, as that should enlarge them.

Callie’s conference ended at noon on Wednesday and since she had worked all day the previous Sunday, we moseyed on back home at a relaxed pace, detouring to Snoqualmie Falls in the western foothills of the Cascades. Check out the size of the buildings at the top of the falls…

Snoqualmie Vert


And just in case any of you is wondering what retirement looks like on me, here’s one I took of Callie and me at the falls.  😉



My son Seth and I are going to enter the Portland, Oregon Beard-Growing Contest next August.  Unfortunately, they don’t have a “father and son” category.

Honey in the Heart!

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