Northern Exposure!

The resort that hosted the Superior Judges Association Conference was just four miles from Roslyn, Washington, which is the town they used to film the TV series “Northern Exposure”

Here are some of the pictures I took there…

Here’s the Roslyn Cafe, sans moose walking through the intersection…



And a close up of the truck…



Main Street in Roslyn…



A Totem Pole on Main Street…



There were several buildings with murals painted on them.  I liked the Coal Mine mural, an ode to the town’s history…



And a close up of it…



But I liked Brando the best…



Just north of Roslyn is a beautiful 20-mile long lake, where they shot the scenes of the Indian Village and those of Maggie’s Cabin for Northern Exposure.  This is one of my favorite shots I took.



Ain’t it lovely?  Almost makes it worth the 6 months of rainy overcast weather we “enjoyed” this winter.  I have a friend here (a Southern California expatriate) who tells me that the trick to living here is to develop a hobby to get you through the winter.  Goal for next winter: build a 3-person wooden kayak!

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